Better Behavioral Health

Residents have access to and options for behavioral health services to support a fulfilling life. 

Pierce County residents have faced a lack of resources for effectively managing and strengthening their behavioral health for many years.
Through a combination of strategic partnerships and innovative programs, we are increasing options for treatment and support across the full spectrum of need.
Priority Initiatives 
  • Opioid response initiative
  • Behavioral health mobile teams 
  • Inpatient behavioral health beds
  • Co-responder program
  • Crisis Stabilization Center
  • Criminal justice diversion initiative
  • Adult status youth pod
  • Health services integration
  • Cohen Veterans Network Clinic

Community Indicators

Community indicators provide insight into what is happening at the community level. Indicator data helps Pierce County to better assess the overall health and well-being of our community, benchmark ourselves against peer jurisdictions, and inform strategic planning efforts.

Program Measures

Program measures provide insight into county programs and initiatives. This data allows Pierce County to better monitor its operations and improve outcomes for the people we serve.