COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Weekly Financial Report - June 1, 2020

Current and Upcoming Initiatives

Over the past week, the focus has been on increasing public health capacity, broadening behavioral health services, and supporting improvements necessary to ensure Pierce County can safely provide legal and judicial services to the public.
Public Health Emergency Response – The Emergency Management Department worked with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department to plan for the expansion of public health case investigation and contact tracing to identify those in the community potentially exposed to the virus. Upcoming initiatives include expanding community-based testing to better support rural and underserved populations.
Economic Stabilization and Recovery Programs – Additional personal protective equipment was purchased this week to support the re-opening of Pierce County businesses. The Economic Development Department is preparing recommendations on revising the small business loan program to a grant program. Information Technology is working on a solution to provide Wi-Fi hotspots for residents who live in underserved areas or who usually rely on services or locations not available during the pandemic.
Community Response and Resilience – The Human Services Department focused on a plan to broaden behavioral health services for those dealing with pandemic-related psychological and emotional trauma. Human Services is preparing recommendations for expanding childcare access and capacity, and domestic and family violence services. 
Essential Government Services – Facilities Management partnered with the Superior and District Courts, Prosecuting Attorney's Office, and the Department of Assigned Counsel to identify improvements necessary to support social distancing for civil and criminal trials, remote teleworking, and other essential justice services. The Facilities Management Department is preparing plans for facility modifications and the provision of personal protective equipment to support customer service throughout the County.

COVID-19 in Pierce County

Data is provided by the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. Additional data on COVID-19 is available on the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department dashboard

CARES Act Funding 

The federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed by Congress allocated federal funds to jurisdictions across the country with populations over 500,000. The amount provided to each entity was based on population size.  Pierce County received an allocation of approximately $158 million. 
Through the week ending May 29th, a total of $29,629,844 has been allocated. 
  • $7,914,040 to Public Health Emergency Response
  • $9,310,940 to Economic Stabilization and Recovery Programs
  • $10,610,000 to Community Response and Resilience
  • $1,794,864 to Essential Government Services
For the week ending May 29th, a total of $4,246,904 in new allocations were made. 
  • $749,000 to Public Health Emergency Response
  • $573,040 to Economic Stabilization and Recovery Programs
  • $1,500,000 to Community Response and Resilience
  • $1,424,864 to Essential Government Services
Public Health Emergency Response Allocations
Economic Stabilization and Recovery Programs Allocations
Community Response and Resilience Allocations
Essential Government Services Allocations
Download the dataset for all CARES Act funding allocations here

Pierce County COVID-19 Expenditures

  • Through May 28th, Emergency Management has expended $2,370,530 million towards the County's COVID-19 response. 
  • $1.2 million in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant funding has been identified to cover the costs for the Temporary Care Center (Hosmer) and Recovery Innovations reserved beds for two additional months.

Grant Funding

  • Departments have identified 14 grants for a total of $180,770,148 in COVID-19 funding.
  • The CARES Act funding represents $157,912,031 of the total.

Emergency Small Business Relief Loan Program

  • 338 loans have been approved and accepted through May 28th with a total of $2,072,000 in funds to be distributed or pending distribution. 
  • 173 companies are in the pipeline with an approximate loan value of $953,500.
  • More than 650 applications have been received since program inception. 
Additional data on the Emergency Small Business Relief Loan Program is available here.


  • Initial unemployment claims statewide totaled 48,445 for the week of May 17 through May 23.
  • In Pierce County, initial claims filed decreased from 16,240 to 6,348, down 61% from the week before.
  • Since the week ending March 7 when COVID-19 job losses began, a total of 1,130,519 distinct individuals have filed for unemployment insurance statewide.
Pierce County Initial Weekly Unemployment Claims
Pierce County Initial Weekly Unemployment Claims by Sector