Data Style Guide

Custom Colors

In order to represent geographies consistently across visualizations, the following colors have currently been set for each county and the State of Washington.


  • Pierce County: #6da7d2
  • King County: #a2deb2
  • Kitsap County: #8f92c9
  • Snohomish County: #f8b2b8
  • Thurston County: #fad04b
  • Washington State: #6ac5a3


Text within data ideally should be in a consistent case like -
  • Full Title Case
  • Title case


  1. Precision of numbers can be set in the tabular view, but that format will not be maintained in Performance or Visualizations.
  2. For maximum control, applying the decimal precision prior to data publishing is ideal practice

Precision Standards

  • Financial data: 2 decimal points
  • Other numeric data: 1 decimal point


Outstanding Action Items

  • Create an organization e-mail account for Contact Dataset Owner

Required fields

  • Department
  • Data Custodian
  • Update Frequency

Recommended fields

  • Priority Area
  • Source

Data Playbook

The Data Playbook is a single place to track the sources and transformations used before publishing data in support of Measures and Indicators that serves as a resource for reference, reproducibility, and information on publishing new data as it becomes available from internal and external sources.

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