Improve Mobility & Infrastructure

People and goods move freely, 
future growth is planned and supported.

As the old adage goes, time is money.
If we are going to have a vibrant, thriving economy, we need to ensure that our people and our products keep moving. Improvements to our major highways and infrastructure will save time and money, and improve the quality of life in Pierce County.
Priority Initiatives
  • Continue progress on key freight mobility projects (SR-167 completion to Port of Tacoma and Extension of Canyon Road North)
  • Road maintenance and preservation projects
  • Broadband connectivity and access study
  • Flood protection projects

Community Indicators

Community indicators provide insight into what is happening at the community level. Indicator data helps Pierce County to better assess the overall health and well-being of our community, benchmark ourselves against peer jurisdictions, and inform strategic planning efforts.

Program Measures

Program measures provide insight into county programs and initiatives. This data allows Pierce County to better monitor its operations and improve outcomes for the people we serve.