Vibrant Communities

Pierce County has it all. Spectacular natural spaces, a strong commitment to preserving our environment, and innovative ways to care for all aspects of our health.

Vibrant Pierce County

What makes a community vibrant?

It's a combination of beautiful open spaces, innovative schools, world-class healthcare, and a growing business community. But, most of all, a community is made vibrant by the residents who invest their attention, energy and care where they live, work and raise their family.

Good Air Quality Days
Median Property Value

One of the Fastest Growing Communities in the U.S.
Pierce County is home to an estimated 861,312 people, the second largest county in Washington. Approximately 53.4% of Pierce County residents live in cities and towns. The four largest cities are Tacoma (208,100), Lakewood (59,280), Puyallup (40,500), and University Place (32,610).

Income by Location
Highest Median Household income by census tract:
Lowest Median Household income by census tract:
The map on the right shows all of the census tracts in Pierce County, WA colored by their Median Household Income.

Pierce County's History
On December 22, 1852, the Territorial Legislature of Oregon determined that Thurston County, which stretched from Olympia to the Canadian border and from the Cascades to the Pacific Ocean, was far too large. In response, the legislature portioned out of it King, Jefferson and Pierce County. The legislature also passed laws appointing the first county officers and located the county seat at Steilacoom, which was chosen largely because it was the only town in Washington with its own jail. Continue Reading.