Affordable Housing in Pierce County

In 2023, funding was awarded for the development and preservation of nearly 180 affordable housing units. 
Capital funding (loans) is provided to affordable housing developers for the following activities: 
  • Affordable rental housing development (acquisition / new construction); 
  • Affordable rental housing preservation (acquisition and/or rehabilitation); and
  • Affordable home ownership development (acquisition / new construction / rehabilitation).
All capital funding is restricted to housing units rented or purchased by households that have incomes below 80% of area median income (AMI) as published by HUD. Some projects have more restrictive income limits (i.e., below 50% and/or below 30% of AMI), and some serve specific populations such as homeless, seniors, disabled, families, etc. There are numerous affordable housing partners that develop affordable housing.  Most are non-profit corporations with affordable housing missions. Projects receiving capital funding must remain affordable and are deed-restricted for a minimum of 30 years.
Operating and maintenance (O&M) funding is provided to support existing affordable housing operations. All O&M funding is restricted to housing units that serve tenants that have income below 50% of AMI.

Home Ownership

The measure represents the number of low-income buyers achieving home ownership by receiving a home buyer or down payment assistance loan/lien. Escalating home prices in Pierce County have priced out prospective low-income buyers from purchasing a modestly priced home. With limited resources available and the amount of down payment assistance needed, the County fell short of its goal of 14 ownership units in 2023.  There are currently projects in the pipeline with several units that will be completed and put on the market this year.  Income-eligible buyers will receive down payment assistance loans to purchase those units.

Affordable Housing Units in Pierce County

The map below represents affordable housing units in Pierce County. The projects on this map received some kind government subsidy, state, local, federal or combination of all. All of the projects provide affordable housing to households who have income no greater than 80% AMI. In many cases the income limits for eligibility are lower including some that require low or extremely low income.

Contact: John Barbee
Community Services Division Manager, Human Services
(253) 691-3074